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    My outdoor unit hasn't been working for the past 2 weeks, and the indoor furnace just blows air, and i checked the outdoor unit's contact and the meter reads 240v from the two thick (black & White) wires at the bottom of the contact, but i don't get any volts from the wires that goes connected to the indoor furnace (red & white), so when my Stat call for the A/C it does respond, but the indoor unit starts right away.

    Note: all of this happened the day after some heavy rain and lightning, i had to change the contact and some burnt wires.

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    has it occured to you that you didnt put the wires back where they belong?

    Sorry, we cant help DIY here, its against the rules of the site that you and I both agreed to when we signed up. There should be a wiring diagram somewhere.

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    Well, judging by your question... I'd suggest you call a competent HVAC compnay to have them fix this issue.

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    Hmm... heavy thunderstorm passed through the area & you found burnt wires... If this doesn't give you enough information to figure out where to look, please call someone experienced with HVAC repair before you hurt yourself or someone else.

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    You have gone as far as you can. Don’t feel bad, you might have saved a service call and you tried. But know when to stop. Now its time to get professional help.

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