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    I'm a home inspector and came across something I have never noticed before. The air conditioning compressor was placarded "max fuse amp 40A". The breakout box had a fuse block rated at 60A. The disconnect at the main service panel to the house for the compressor was 40A. Is this normal?
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    Nothing wrong with that.
    perfectly legal, as long as wire is sized correctly.
    only two sizes of fuse blocks 30 & 60, the fuses change physical size from 30 to 35.

    you can`t slap a piece of copper pipe in the place of a fuse, thats against disconnect manufacturers design.
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    So how did you identify what you found on your inspection report? Try finding an electrician locally you can ask this type of question. Make sure you are providing a professional, accurate home inspection.

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    the 40 amp breaker is to protect wire
    breakers are in place to keep wire from overheating and starting a fire
    disconnect is in place to allow for quick disconnect for power to unit when being serviced

    make sure that breakers are always sized to wire
    breakers and fuses are not in place to protect appliance at least not to the point that alot of people think they are.

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