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    I have a black powder-like residue around the baseboards of my home. I have had the residence tested for mold (negative) and have had the vent cleaned and dis-infected. I also change my filter quarterly and use a high-end, 3M, pleated filter.

    Any thoughts on the cause?

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    Burning candles..The hole thats the pipe goes thru are to
    big and the oil burner sooted up to bad at one time,pulling the soot up from the basement.

    Maybe you dont keep a clean house.Now dont get mad just throwing it out there.

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    I do burn candles frequently. In fact, I recently got the same diagnosis you submitted, just wasn't prepared to believe it!

    So if I stop burning candles, have the furnace and vents cleaned, problem solved, correct?

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    There is an electrostatic charge that occurs in the air pattern at registers. Dirt, soot from candles and just about any other contaminants in the air will be attracted to that electrostatically charged area just as it is to your tv screen.

    A single candle burned for an hour a week can really wreck havoc with your home. Scented candles are the worst due to the higher amount of oil used in them.
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    stop burning the candles and clean up area by registers, i have never seen the candle soot inside the furnace or ducts.

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    Also try keeping the candle wicks short & well-trimmed. If you see any smoke whatsoever coming from the candle, it's burning too rich, and that smoke (soot) has to go somewhere.

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    Once found a pleated filter completly stopped up with soot, first thought was (gas) furnace had a big problem. Then the lights in my head came on and asked cust. if they burnt a lot of highly scented candles,they said yes, case solved. no more candels, no more soot.

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    Visable soot or not... All candles reduce in size with use. Imagine a 1 pound candle.... burnt to the plate. Now you got a pound of wax somewhere in the house.

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