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    OK, I found the AFUE specs for the only options my builder offers:

    Furnace (gas)
    YORK Affinity Series PS9 92% (std.)
    YORK Affinity Series PV9 2 stage variable speed 94% ($2,200.00 upgrade)

    A/C (electric)
    YORK Stellar 2000 HDB 10 SEER (std.)
    YORK Affinity CZB 13 SEER ($2,200.00 upgrade)

    The house will have a 2 Zone auto system (Z1=basement/first floor, Z2=upstairs floor)

    Basement 1700 sq feet
    Main floor 1700 sq feet
    Upstairs floor 1550 sq feet.

    South exposure, 10 foot windows on main floor family room wall (about 18 feet long). Forced air system.

    Building a tract house, I really don't have a say, those are the only choices I get . . .
    The outfit doing the install has been around for loooong time, whatever that means.

    I really don't think I can justify the 13 SEER cost with our weather, but really wondering about the PV9 (2 stage VS) furnace upgrade.

    Our temp range in the Minneapolis are is (Month letter in front):
    J20.7, F26.6, M39.2, A56.5, M69.4, J78.8, J84.0, A80.7, S70.7, O58.8, N41.0, D25.5
    July and August are very humid months, June and September can be humid as well.

    So now that I know what’s being installed do you think it pays up to upgrade the furnace?

    And in any case are the YORK decent systems?

    Thanks again.

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    York gas furnace

    Just my opinion, I would go with 92% single stage. To much cost difference for that Upgrade.
    York equipment is excellent.

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    Even at a reasonable upgrade, high SEER in the Minnie-apple isn't a decent payback. For the high upgrade price to VS 90, I just have trouble seeing it. They are using step-up equipment already instead of the builder grade units most dealers use in new construction.

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    $2,200 each for the upgrades? Wow... Put in the cheapest system you can, invest the money you save in a good mutual fund, and then rip the system out and put in a top of the line system in 5 years.

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    The builder's markup is likely included in the pricing .I'd go with the two stage ,with variable speed indoor fan ,for the comfort and savings in your area.The SEER won't add a lot of saving and zero in comfort.

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    Thank you all for the response.
    I am going to go with the single stage 92% and 10 SEER.
    Just finished talking with my gas and electric companies and they said the savings between the furnaces would be minimal and those between the 10 and 13 SEER A/C would be "small to better" because of the short period of heavy A/C use. They were thinking to just go with 10 SEER as it would be more than 20 years to pick up $2200.00 at today's elec rates .

    My builder also gave me the name of the contractor they use and I talked to them at length. Boy, if their installation is 1/2 as good as the service they gave me over the phone I would be happy. Either I am numb to customer service by now, or these guys know how to keep and get new customers. It was great, we had several conversations throughout the day, he called the manufacturer to get all the info I wanted that he did not have right there, faxed me specs and so on and got back to me as promised through out the day . . . well, they sold me on service and for the $2200.00 he also recommended the single stage and a 2 zone auto, vs upgrading to the 2 stage VS.

    Thanks for the quick responses . . . at least the furnace and A/C choices and the reputation/service of the HVAC contractor are worries I can now take of my mind.

    Thanks again !

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