OK, I found the AFUE specs for the only options my builder offers:

Furnace (gas)
YORK Affinity Series PS9 92% (std.)
YORK Affinity Series PV9 2 stage variable speed 94% ($2,200.00 upgrade)

A/C (electric)
YORK Stellar 2000 HDB 10 SEER (std.)
YORK Affinity CZB 13 SEER ($2,200.00 upgrade)

The house will have a 2 Zone auto system (Z1=basement/first floor, Z2=upstairs floor)

Basement 1700 sq feet
Main floor 1700 sq feet
Upstairs floor 1550 sq feet.

South exposure, 10 foot windows on main floor family room wall (about 18 feet long). Forced air system.

Building a tract house, I really don't have a say, those are the only choices I get . . .
The outfit doing the install has been around for loooong time, whatever that means.

I really don't think I can justify the 13 SEER cost with our weather, but really wondering about the PV9 (2 stage VS) furnace upgrade.

Our temp range in the Minneapolis are is (Month letter in front):
J20.7, F26.6, M39.2, A56.5, M69.4, J78.8, J84.0, A80.7, S70.7, O58.8, N41.0, D25.5
July and August are very humid months, June and September can be humid as well.

So now that I know what’s being installed do you think it pays up to upgrade the furnace?

And in any case are the YORK decent systems?

Thanks again.