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    I read the report and from what I understand at 95 degrees the capacity is about the same, but at 130 degrees the 410A had a 9% reduction in capacity. As far as efficiency the 410A was 4% lower at 95 degrees and 15% lower at 130 degrees. I'm in Florida and we might see a few hours a year at 105, but I've never seen it hit 130.

    Out of the units they tested the r-22 unit had a 12.5 seer and the 410A unit had a 13 seer. 410A does appear to loose it's efficiency faster as the O/A temp rises, but it looks like at approx. 90 degrees they are the same and below 90 degrees the 410a unit is slightly more efficient. I think it is a wash, and the decision to go with one refrigerant over the other should be based on something other than efficiency.

    I looked up the refrigerant weight of those two units and the 38YRA036 (R-22)has a charge of 7.13 Lb. @/15' and the 38YZA (410A) has a charge of 8.375 @15'. It looks like you actually need more Puron than R-22.

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    The fact is no manufacturers have redesigned coils,for Puron/R410a ,so that could have a lot to do with todays performance.

    Carrier will have dedisgned for Puron,from the ground up ,starting with 2006, 13 SEER minimum mandate.It will be interesting to se what that brings.

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