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    Is this unit available in 1/2 sizes? Shopping around and some say yes, some no. 2400 sq.ft home --- is that 2.5 or 3-ton?

    Also wondering if this unit is equipped with DC motor? One vendor has 2 prices: with/without DC motor; others say there is no DC motor !?!?


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    The infinity 18 only comes in full tonnages 2,3,4,5. You need to pair this a/c unit with a variable speed furnace or fan coil. THese will have a dc blower motor.
    Hope this helps


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    They don't do them in half-ton sizes because it's not as critical to size them exactly with a two-speed system like this.

    There is a special "037" version of the three ton size with a variable speed (DC) condenser fan motor. This one is the efficiency king that achieves the top ratings. It will cost extra over the regular "036" three ton unit with a regular condenser fan motor. Either way you have to use a variable speed unit indoors (either a furnace or an air handler, depending on your application).

    Square footage is almost irrelevant. Get a load calculation to determine what size to use, or do it yourself with HVAC-Calc. Do not under any circumstances just look at the square footage and pick equipment size based on a rule of thumb.

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