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    i need to buy a recovery system. can you use the ones on the market now on 410a, or do they have to be specialized?

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    You must buy a recovery system that is rated for the higher system pressures of the R32/R125 blend (410a) you must also buy the higher rated recovery tanks with the max pressure at 600. Dang things are expensive for one time use, heck they are expensive for 100 time use. Have you priced having a tech come out evacuate/leak check/new filter drier and recharge you are probably looking at under 400 bones even if he repairs a leak. You will have much more than that in a recovery machine and recovery tank even the base no frills model, much less all the other equipment needed to do the job properly. Maybe you already have all the required tools except for recovery machine? You cannot use standard R22 type guage sets with 410a the pressure are much higher, whole different animal here, I think that is the reason a lot of techs are resisting even messing with them, they just do not want to spend 1500 bucks to retool for 410a which is BEING SHOVED DOWN THEIR THROATS oops did I type that out loud?.
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    cant you draw that charge back into the compressor and hold it there?

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