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    Confused Heat-n-Glo Versus Kingsman Gas Inserts

    I am looking at having a gas fireplace insert installed into an older brick fireplace. I'm currently considering either a 36" Kingsman Cappella or a Heat-n-Glo Escape I-30. Install price is within $10.00 between the two units. Which is the better fireplace? Any advice would be appreciated.


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    I know more about the Escape model. I briefly looked at some info on the Capella just now, this is what I gathered. The Escape is a higher BTU on Hi and lower on the low setting, so you get a better range of heat output. It is also a full firebrick firebox, which reflects heat back into the firebox, giving a better flame apperance and also more radiant heat through the glass, less need for a fan to extract convection heat. The Escape comes with a thermostat remote with 5 flame height settings. The Escape has accent lighting. The Escape has an IPI pilot system which can save you $10-$15 a month in gas if you leave the pilot off. It can run off 4 AA batteries in the event of a power failure.

    Any queastions?

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    The Marquis Insert is a great unit, very efficient, great looking flame pattern and has options for a modern clean view look with black porcelain reflective panels or the more traditional log look with louvers, remember that you have to live with the look so choose what you like.

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