Hi everyone. I have a bunch of boxes in the garage that I'd like to get rid of. This stuff is untested, but looks brand new. I have no use for it as it was left behind by a previous tenant (along with a ton of junk :[ )

It's all in boxes with the part numbers.

A few of the part numbers are-

MZ2A x2
TS-6721-850 x7
MF51-7103-100 x3
MN-SDT x14

I'd really like to get rid of all this stuff in a bundle, but I guess I can part it out if necessary.

I am taking pictures later today, so that I can list items individually on ebay if I can't find anyone interested here, so let me know if you want pics and I'll link you to my photobucket page.

Please email if interested, it's listed in profile. I have an active paypal and ebay account for reference. I can ship if needed. Thanks!