I have been watching my Evolution system for a couple of days now. A few observations: it does run for long periods of time at low-speed (a good thing, I preceive). It hasnt been able to get the RH down below 56% even with long, low-speed runtimes - it has been taking the temperature to 3 degrees below the set point (as it is suppose to ) but still cant get the RH down below 56%. The CFMs per zone are interesting to watch. I have seen it ramp down to 250 CFM (3 ton unit) total for just air circulation (no compressor ) and down to about 500 CFM in low-speed. My HVAC guy is still not sure whether the R-410a charge is OK. The lineset is 71 feet but he didnt have to add any R-410a based on the sub-cooling numbers - he doesnt think that sounds right and is working with tech support.