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    First off, please allow me to thank all of the members who have posted both topics and responses designed to help out those of us who are not "in the know."

    I'm the son of a contractor, a grandson of a contractor, and a great-grandson of a contractor; this has allowed me to learn a great many things in terms of all around DIY knowledge. In spite of all this, I know absolutely NOTHING about the HVAC industry. This forum has helped me learn the basic terminology and levels of equipment, etc. I'm not writing for DIY answer; I'm looking to hire out all of the HVAC work that I need done on my "new to me" home. I just wanted to clarify that none of your expertise will be wasted; I respect the trade far too much to do that. Alright, enough with the pleasentries... here's the situation:

    I've got a two story walkout, which leaves me with three actual levels. Between these three levels, there are two actual heating and cooling systems featuring LP furnaces and A/C units. My plan is to replace both with LP furnaces and heat pumps.

    System A services the walkout lower level and the main level, approximately 2000 square feet. It's an 80,000 BTU Heil from 1984 with a 3 yr old outdoor unit made by a company whose name escapes me.

    System B services only the upper living area; 3 of the 4 bedrooms including the master are up there. It's a 60,000 BTU Heil, also from 1984, and the outdoor unit is a 1978 olive green bombshell which sits on the rear of the roof (I haven't ventured out to grab the name).

    As a result of my desire to understand what is going on, I just want to know what you guys think I should be looking at. My electric utility will give me a 4.2 cents a kw/hr rate, as opposed to 9.1, for using heat pumps. How many SEER should I be looking for? If I need to provide more info, feel free to e-mail me at: Thanks so much for your time.

    Best Regards,

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    For how long will you elect be half price? Indefinately?
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    Additional Info

    Sorry for the lack of info Steve!

    I'm located in Southeastern South Dakota. The woman I spoke to at the utility company said that the rate on electricity was good for as long as I ran a heat pump system in my home.

    Thanks again!

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