Hello Everyone.

I am a butcher/restaurateur, but with the necessity in keeping my repair cost down, five years ago, I started to educate myself in refrigeration repair.

Luckily, I had a older refrigeration repair man who took me under his wing and showed me the basics, how to get a license, and helped me along the first couple years in troubling shooting broken refrigeration systems. Last year he past away.

But, with what I have learned from him, I now have calls for help.
(And I owe it to him to help those who were in dire straights like me.)

I still have questions once in awhile and I now have to search the internet for the answers. In doing so, I stumbled across this forum today.

You guys seem to know your stuff so, here I am, registering.

I do have question, so I am gonna stop here and head on over the correct section and post it up.