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    a customer has a 400 sqf. guesthouse and desires heating and ac in southern california. i know a heat load is best, but its only a single room with two windows. any rules of thumb?
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    any rules of thumb?

    Yea , look in the phone book under HVAC or he can always fill one of those windows with a window shaker

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    Fenestration (light entering via windows, doors, skylites, etc), exposure, and insulation quality will have the greatest effects on the heating / cooling loads. Room size actually has very little to do with it.

    I have a 900 sqft apartment that a 1.5 ton unit can't keep up in hot weather. I have another thats over 1,800 sqft, yet is cooled fine by a 1.5 ton unit.

    If the place is that small, you can do a load analysis by hand using Manual J or ASHRAE residential standards. You can pick up a copy of the ASHRAE standards by buying a copy of the 'Fundamentals' book at,. Manual J is more commonly used, but both will give you an accurate answer.

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