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    Moved into a new home and following some cooling issues on the first floor, a HVAC evaluation uncovered an undersized air handler that services the first floor (two zone system one for second. Basically more registers in the rooms than output from the air handler also some incorrect sizing of the ducts coming off the air handler(about 20% under what is required per the evaluation.)

    I have a good professional working with me on this. He recommended upgrading the air handler, installing dampers and said the existing compressor was fine (one year old) I wanted to see if it is common to hang air handlers from the roof any more... the unit sits right top a bedroom. Additionally, how close do you size air handlers to what is required? Do you normally go with someting say 5 % more CFM than required or try to hit it exactly.
    Anything else I should be doing or checking now? thx

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    yes it is common to hang air handler. you will never hit cfm exactly equiptment is only made in so many sizes.

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    yes it is still common practice unfortunately. just sucks servicing uits in the attic space. thankfully some counties in florida will not let you put them back in the attic space. must give up a closet or make a stand in the garage to accommodate the new air handler and return extension. really better not to have them up there. lots of crappy things can happen when they are up there. water leaks, even if it has an aux. drain pan- can run down duct work & leak down stream. attic dust intrusion to the system. higher service rates due to a pissed off service tech!lol

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