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    829 pays no benefits- tell me how many idiots actually are dumb enough to work for you ???
    DOC; did you include epa certification costs, recovery equipment and all other refrigerant-specific equipment, all 829 needs is a multimeter, a few hand tools, etc. I know cause I have a friend who repairs PC's and all his gear fits in a tool bag and he's not regulated by the EPA either, 829 started his/her own demise with a wise-a$$ response.
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    "if you cant say somethin nice,,,then just tell 829 to get fckted.

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    Post Computer Repair

    Originally posted by 829
    Thank you "retired btc" and "twilli3967" for your constructive replies. I have looked at the time life books, but they seem to be more geared to the beginner.

    twilli3967 - I understand where you are coming from as far defending your rates as I am Computer service business owner. However, where we live most companies charge $100.00 just to come out, then whatever the service fee is, so to me that is grossly inflated.

    If thats not calling the kettle black....

    My IT guy cahrges me $125.00 and he's reasonable and what your going to tell us you charge $25.00 an hour...

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    Post This guys is kidding...

    [QUOTE]Originally posted by 829
    [B]My hourly rate is $20.00 after the first hour. If the job is completed within an hour, then the fee is structured as though the customer brought the computer to me, for example, the customer brings the computer into the shop and pays for the service they want. I also have a $15.00 local area $20.00 out of area onsite fee. I arrived at my fee structure by evaluating what it costs me to arrive onsite, (fuel and paying a tech to be traveling to the site), + what the average technicians wage is.

    This guy must be 12 years old and doing work for his nieghbors and relatives....

    829, in the real world you can't find a quailified IT person for that kind of money.

    Another remark regarding insurance is out of line as well... You really should know what your talking abour before you spew this nonsense.

    829, If I hired you I would have to consider you unskilled labor and my work comp rates are at $30% for labor, thats $30.00 per hundred... I'm not going to be covering overhead lke that billing out at $20.00 an hr...
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    Here Here...

    Originally posted by reverunbilly
    "if you cant say somethin nice,,,then just tell 829 to get fckted.
    I second that motion!
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    Post Best Buy...

    Best Buy, Riverside, $85.00 for the 1st 15 mintues and $45.00 evry 15 minutes thereafters...

    Data Recover.... Now thats anotehr field... I paid $2000 for a HD recovery and that was cheap!
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    2. I do not pay for benefits, if employees want benefits, they can purchase them. I have always had to pay my own benefits and I do not see why that should change for my employees. That is yet another reason American works are being replaced by outsourcing, because they want, want, want. I provide and job for individuals so they can put food on the table and cloths on their backs, it is not my responsibility to take care of all of their needs and no one has ever complained. Unions in my own opinion will be the downfall of the American worker.

    Yea unions will be the downfall of the american worker

    I would much rather work for a guy with an attitude like yours and make $7.00 an hour and get a free barb a que to know that I am apreciated

    Wake up! youcant buy gas and pay rent----rent --not a mortgauge--on the pay you think you should be paying

    Ill bet your father in law is looking for a book--your ac is broken and you are to cheap to pay a tech to fix it

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    I'am amazed that anyone here would give 829 the time of day. Number one, 829 was quite arrogant toward some of the posters that I saw. But the obvious thing is that in his/her first post, the term DYI was used. This all should have ended right there. As for the folks who actually tried to help this idiot, why not save your responses for the truly deserving people who come here with valid questions and appreciate the help.
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    I am glad that all of you work for me and understand how my business works. I do not pay my people $7.00/hr, I said $12.00 - $15.00 which is industry average, look it up.

    Why do I need to provide full benefits? Is my providing a paycheck so a person can pay the bills not enough? Last I thought this is America and I do not force anyone to work for me? The people who do, are happy and have not ever complained and I have an open policy, I talk straight to my employees and they do the same to me. Actually we need more than a few tools that fit in a bag, drills, drill press, rotary tools, static mats and straps, soldering equipment, wire, nuts, bolts, multi-meter, air compressors, wire fisher, toner's (the tool, not the ink,) laptops for field techs, etc. I never said I had to buy as expensive equipment as a HVAC tech, but nonetheless more than you have listed.

    You missed the point, that is $20.00/hr after the initial service fee / hour. Like I said, I make up in volume and efficiency, what I lack in price. I also live in a different area than you I am sure, because my most expensive competitor only charges $129.00 with most be $50.00 - $75.00.

    Alltemp, I can assure you that I am not a neighborhood kid doing work for neighbors and relatives. While I was contracting, I worked for GM installing servers and workstations, Northwest Airlines installing Touch screen SSD's, if you ever venture into an airport, that is the machine that you purchase tickets from if you do not want to wait, Smith Barney, NCR, Various Police Departments installing the amber alert system, Quest Diagnostics, Conagra Foods where I assisted in creating the nationwide ghost-based roll-out disc in additional to de-installing old and install new workstations, Northwestern Mutual Life, Merrill Lynch, Citigroup, Tyson Foods, Wal-Mart, AG Edwards, Morgan Stanley, Edward Jones, Hanger Orthopedic, Kelly services and many others that I just cannot think of right now, so do not try to insult someone you do not know. All sites mentioned had at least new servers and workstations installed.

    We do not have to tools to physically take apart a hard drive to extract a hard drive. That has to be done in a multi-million dollar clean facility white room, however if the drive will power up and operate intermittently, we have software that can extract the data. I just got off the phone with the service manager at my local best buy, who is also my best friend and he would like to know where exactly your are referring to Riverside where, a phone number if you could be so kind? He is going to call them and find out what it is they quoted you, because they charge flat-rate $59.00 bench diag and $129.00 for geek squad to go onsite.

    My ac is working fine, though undersized for my house as the guy that came to my house who didn’t check PCB fuse told me.

    I have never been arrogant towards anyone, but I will not take someone berating me with out giving my 2 cents. Remember I simply asked for a recommendation for a book title and from post 1 most of the responses have been nothing but disrespectful and smart aleck towards me. I would ask that a moderator would kindly lock this thread, as I will be no longer checking it.

    Thank you to all who have actually addressed my question.

    [Edited by 829 on 05-17-2005 at 12:21 PM]

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