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Thread: gauges

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    what happend was, i went to an appliace and started talking to the owner. i figured since he owns the place and works on some of the stuff he might know a little about refrigeration. he started telling me a bunch of crap id never heard before, like having different gauges for each refrigerant, never braze with nitrogen or itll blow sky hi,and you cant make a living working on heat pumps and such in a town of only 80.000 etc. i guess some people will try to tell you anything to make themselves look good. until you know better.

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    i meant an appliance store.

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    he is right nitrogen is extrem;y flamable and heat pumps dont work and never break
    how long have you been doing this

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    you cant make a living working on heat pumps and such in a town of only 80.000 etc. He is right , Nitrogen is dangerous , they teach you that in school. Liquid ox or acetelyne is much better to use

    and heat pumps. The only way you can make money on heat pumps is if the town hasa population of 80,001 . Then you can make a ton of money

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    Talking You have to use Gauges?

    I just get any tank off the truck, the color is for the day of the week and just blow gas in till it trips the breaker. Then you know you got it right.
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    Originally posted by reverunbilly
    do you need to use a different gauge manifold for each different refrigerant you work on?

    I was over at the local parts counter the other day and I saw some new guages that were for R-22 and R410A. Counter guy said manufacturers are saying you can do both with these guages without any problems> That sound right? At some point you are going to be mixing. I dunno.

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    Cool ct2 is correct

    never use nitrogen for brazing!!! i always allow a "whisper" of acetelyn (sp)into the tube i am brazing. i find it gently warms the interior of the tubing and helps with the flow of melted braze
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    Such B.S. to a man of the cloth?????
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