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    Has anybody come across fouled condenser tubes with silca. If so what chemical treatment and procedure do you recommend. I´ve have used hydrochloric acid before and it works great for the normal calcium deposit or scale. But I believe I may have something more severe. Thanks

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    We had a job where glue was stuck to the tubes at a carpet factory, only way to remove it was with the expando brushes. You basicaly have to grind it off.
    Your poor planning does not constitute an emergency on my part!!!!

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    We run high silica, no cure. We add an accamer to keep it in suspension, fortunitly we run thru plate exchangers and have to clean every 6mos. It an endless job.

    good luck

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    I remember reading that silica was very hard to remove.
    Found this in old RSES SAM manual.
    Heavy acid concentrations require (3 gal. liquid scale remover to 10 gal. water).
    Also, after initial reaction settles down, you add sodium floride (3 or 4 lbs. per 100 gal. of solution). And it has to be maintained at 110 to 120 deg. for 4 to 6 hours.
    I think I would rather risk mechanical cleaning or replace the vessel.

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    There is a good article in the National Association of Corrosion Engineers February 1978 edition titled "Scale Removal and Prevention in High Silica Cooling Waters*". This article touches on the use of ammoniumm bifluroide to remove silica scale. The article does not recommend the use of hydroflouric acid due to it being extremely hazardous.

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    I just cleaned the tubes on 2 chillers that had very heavy silica deposits on them.I acid washed them with the proper solution for 4 hours and it got half of the silica off, flushed it with water and acid washed them again and then used heavy nylon brushes and a steel polishing brush to knock the final residue off.These tubes were not internally enhanced so this was possible, if they were internally enhanced then it would have taken a few treatments to clean up to a satisfactory condition.After they were cleaned, the eddy currented perfect and approach went from 10 to .5.

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