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    Just wondering if someone could give me the size of the blower motor on a 120,000 BTU york furnace. I went to the house and wrote down the model # but somehow have misplaced it. It is probably about 15-20 years old. It had direct drive and I'm thinking 1/3 hp. 1740rpm. Any help would be appreciated. I'm an HVAC student and am helping a friend out.

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    I have all of tha information needed but I don't know where I put it. You find the number and we can find the answer, and ye shall find;..
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    RoBo Teq is right its pretty hard to know when you don't have all the information.Given the size of the furnace it will most likely be a 1/2 or 3/4.You should find the model number because some of the york motors have the mounts spot welded to the motor itself and trying to install a generic motor with a belly band can be a pain in the ....

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