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    I need to know if there is any configuration that needs to be done in order to use this device as a repeater only,I am under the assumption that it is a repeater right out of the box, and must be configured as a router in order to use it as a router, I need to know before I order one of these routers to replace a repeater that is currently being used in a system. The repeater that is being used now is Neurologic and it keeps overheating and stalling communications, have you ever seen this before with this repeater ?

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    Physical layer repeaters - Bad! Routers configured as repeaters - Good!
    I believe that LPR's out of the box function as intelligent repeaters. But, you may want to test it with a protocol analyzer. You might also send an email to It's free and they do get back to you!

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    Weren't we taught to setup a router initially as a repeater and then once we get the system completed go into the router and reconfigure it as a learning or configured repeater?

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    PLR's repeat everything including noise where a router configured as a repeater only passes valid data - filters noise and invalid messages. The reason you want to configure it as a learning or configured repeater is so it will learn/recall only the valid messages that is has seen/will see and only allow those specific ones to pass so there is that much less network traffic. Basically makes the network more efficient. We have gotten away with PLR's in one building but I am not sure if I'll use them again because I see a difference, as in slower response on that particular network.
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