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    I'm currently at a crossroad in my career. I have been a machinist for the past 18 yrs and make about 48,000 to 52,000 a year. My dilema is that this field is dying out in america. Everything is being outsourced to China and Mexico. My thinking is to get into a service industry like HVAC but my concern is,what do HVAC companies think of people straight out of a hvac school,are these hvac schools any good at preparing people for the workfoce,what does someone with no workforce experience start at as far as salary. Also, what can I achieve in this field and how long would it take me to become a top paid HVAC TECH.

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    [QUOTE]Originally posted by cheezee
    [B] I'm currently at a crossroad in my career. I have been a machinist for the past 18 yrs and make about 48,000 to 52,000 a year. My dilema is that this field is dying out in america.

    Don't give it up now. Any trade Machinist, electrication, HVAC, Carpenter, Plumber there are no true CRAFTSMAN out there.
    Do a search for other shops in your trade. It’s a big country. God you put in 18 years, That’s worth a lot.
    Do you really want to start over again? I wouldn’t. Good Luck and keep looking.
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    I worked for Total Fina on chemical reactors making about 45K a year when I finally got sick of it. The switch over from that to HVAC really hurt in the wallet, and this was considering that I had attended schooling for HVAC before and even had some old job experience.

    I must have asked myself a hundred times if I made the right decision. But I'm single. Stuck to it and still have some ways to go before I get back to where I left off, but I'm happy where I am and glad for the change.

    I don't think I could have pulled it off with a wife and kids.

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    How long to become a top paid hvac tech?

    How long did it take you to become a top paid machinist.

    It varies with the company you work for, as far as pay.
    How quickly you learn things.
    Trade school is only a beginning proccess as far as learning.

    This is NOT a trade to get in to, if your just looking for big bucks.

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    Thumbs up cheezee

    with that machinist experience you would be a natural for the OEMs like Trane,York and Carrier with the bearing changeouts and teardowns/micrometer work thru the season on chillers and large tonnage turbines.forget wiring stats or changing filters on roofs,hook up with a season in the field and your working with tools on units,you'll never look back..... hows your age and health big factor with big tonnages and rigging of all its items.
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    A lot of Universities, research labs, etc. have machinists on staff to build prototypes and one-off parts for their scientists and engineers. Real cushy job, good pay. Jobs are listed as "technical engineer" or something similar.

    With your experience and HVAC/refrigeration training, you would probably be worth a lot to a manufacturer. Honestly, you might be frustrated getting in to field service work as a newbie. But if you like being out in the elements, no one looking over your shoulder, dealing with cutomers face to face, it just might be your thing!

    Good luck and God bless!

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    I understand your dilemma completely. All my background is in electronics. Since I'm too poor to retire at 45, I took advantage of the fact that I was working the 2nd shift and went back to school two years agofor HVAC. I figured it might help me get an interview with a controls
    company. I enjoyed it and did well enough that my instructor asked me to stay on part time and help him with the next class. I did until my full time job found out I was trying to do something for myself and forced me
    back to the day shift. The problem I'm having is I'm in the St. Louis Mo. area and I cant beg, borrow, or steal an interview with a HVAC company. I've sent resumes, applied on-line, faxed and did walk ins. No call backs at all. I'm guessing that they either see my age or think I'll want too
    much money. I'm just trying to make a fresh start and finish my working years. I hate to think I've wasted my time.

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