Hi everybody.I
m still working on getting my system sized and installed and am at the point where I need some experienced input.All,repeat ALL the contractors I had quote all did the rule of thumb thing.I asked a couple of other contractors,one a very latge commercial/industrial shop owned by a cousin,and the fellow I talked to there said he had only heard of the load calculations for residential being done for rental(ie;townhouse)type units.So,I downloaded the trial one from your home page but had some probs.I was then fortunate enoughthat I was able to get someone to take my info and run it on their program(hes a tech in on of the industrial plant here in town;I don't know what program it was but here are the results..(all measurement are in BTUH..sensible gain-20878...latent gain-2715...total heat gain-23593...total heat loss-57159. (From the way its stated I suspect he may be using Don S 's program)Now,heres my question,can anybody point me in the direction of funace(HE gas)and AC unit size I should expect from these figures?Sorry for being so long winded and a little dense in this matter but the more info I can get the better the choice I can make.Thanks profusely in advance to any and all.