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    Went on an service call today for no A/C. When we got there we found that the last service tech had not hooked up A/C low voltage. (Please bare with me) what they have is a Lennox air handler for strictly a/c and a reznor heater ducted into the same system. What I have a problem with is the wiring. They are wanting to use the same t-stat for both heat and cool, but both systems have threir own transformer. I know in some instances when we have added a/c to a customers house that had boiler heat we used the same t-stat by simply removing the jumper from R-H and R-C and wired each unit independent. I dont know if I can do this with this system.

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    Should be able to do so. Does the Reznor have its own fan? If so, it will do its own thing. If not, somehow the air handler fan will have to be turned on, either by the stat or by the Reznor.

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    if thermostat does not have seperate rh-rc can you install separate relay to close r-w on reznor heater???

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