Thank all of you for an intersting forum. I appreciate the information and knowledge available here.

My questions are somewhat similar to some of the others, so I thank you in advance for your patients.

I have a 12 year old carrier 2.5 ton, 12 seer unit that recently failed due to a bad evaporator coil as well as condensing unit. Both are leaking. I live near saltwater, but not actually on the river. I have gotten bids for replacing the unit as well as upgrading to the carrier infinity system that seems to be so efficient. This system will be used for the 2nd floor of a two story house that has a loft and 2 beds and 2 baths. My thoughts are to get the most efficient unit possible up there as it will be cooling the hot air that rises from the first floor as well. Not to mention the fact that the cool air will be dropping to the first floor from the loft.

I have gotten several quotes and have found that for the "infinity system", the prices vary by several thousand dollars for seemingly the same equipment. Please note that I am not asking for pricing info, only commenting on the tremendous variation in the quotes I received.

Here is the equipment combination from my latest quote:
58CVA070-1-12, CK5PXA036017, 38TDB036-3, plus 1 infinity contoller.
Any thoughts on this combination?

Also had one contactor quote Bryant equipment. They said it's the same stuff, just different name on the box. Is this the case?

If the above system is not ideal efficiency, then what would one suggest for this application? Heating won't be as significant an issue, as it doesn't get real cold for very long and I figure, heat rises, so the upstairs will get some help from the 1st floor units.

Again, thanks for any input.

edit: also wanted thoughts on adding a humidifier to the sytem at outset or not. Thanks.

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