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    Apologies if this breaks the "NO DIY" rule, but I am having a hard time stomaching the idea of paying someone $79 to tell me where an air filter is. Then again, maybe that's the price of ignorance!

    We just bought a house that was built in 1998. There are two A/C units outside, and two furnaces inside.

    For the life of me, I can not find air filters ANYWHERE, and the house seems to be very dusty rather fast.

    I have pried open the furnace, but I can't see anything. Are the filters even supposed to be here? And do these furnaces (if that's what they even are) run when the A/C is on? The furnaces are York 80 Diamond (need to see if the recall included these).

    I am losing my mind trying to figure this out. I have even found an old washable filter in the basement that has dust in it, so I know (think?) there are filters in here somewhere. But WHERE?



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    Ignore me, I'm crazy.

    Figures that as soon as I would post this, I'd get off my duff, crack open the BOTTOM panel, and VOILA!

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    It is impossible to see your house from here.
    Maybe if you post a dozen or so pictures...

    Actually, you should go ahead and PAY somebody to come do a pre-season startup on your units.

    It is money well spent, and you don't have to go nuts worrying about little things like filters, recalls, etc.

    While the tech is there, get him to show you where the filters are, and make recommendations.

    It really is worth the money.
    Your unit could be killing itself slowly.
    Establish a baseline.
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    Ask the wife to take a look

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