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    hey guys and gals,

    turned my central a/c on for the first time and got a very sour smell coming out of the vents. have been running about an hour and half and still stinks. any idea how I can get rid of this before it gets into the carpet, drapes,
    etc... any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks

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    What type of system do you have? gas furnace with A/C? stand alone A/C unit? heat pump?

    I am going to assume you have a gas furnace with the A/C coil either on the top or bottom of the furnace.

    What has probably happened is that the coil has become dirty, either from air getting by the filter or filter becoming clogged. When you start the A/C, it starts to remove water from the air, getting the dirt wet and releasing the smells. There could also be crud in the condensate pan causing the smell also.

    The remedy is to have the coil and pan inspected and cleaned if needed. This is a job for a pro, because if the coil is very dirty, and they usually are when they start to smell, it should be removed to clean it. This requires special tools, EPA certification and knowledge.

    Contact your A/C service man, or if you don't have one, ask your friends and neighbors for reccomendations. If the unit is very old, you may want to consider replacement rather than cleaning. Talk this over with your service person.

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    most of my posts are long and drawn out...
    but due to having dental surgery...
    I'm gonna keep it short and sweet

    Do a search for “Dirty Sock Syndrome”.
    It can be treated by chemical cleaning
    and can be prevented from happening again by using a
    UV light.

    As mentioned in the prior post.... its not a DIY project.

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    Aren't you the guy with the ferrets?
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    Exactly right wormy.
    "If you can't fix it, don't break it."

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