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    Sorry to hear you went with a contractor who doesnt have enought credit with his suppliers to put a furnace on account. Or, if he has no credit, odds are he wont be around ( or "available" ) when it comes time for service.

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    yep.... think Im going with who cares. I dont have a clue why we even take the time explaining anything to a homeowner coming in here . I take the time on my bid to make homeowners knowlegable about what is right and what is wrong. In here your just cutting your throat doing that . you may impress them by doing it but your not impressing me. Its a waste of my time to do it or to even reply to them .YOU SEE THAT RIGHT HERE. Look at the time were wasting talking to him and moaning to ourselves, it gains us nothing but a bunch of agrivation of this stuff going on out there . I dont know why is does being it goes on all the time. IM sticking to talking to techs. homeowners are pretty much a waste of time in here other then Don selling them a load calc for their house.

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    Back on track Godzilla, I am pleased that despite the financial oddities that your system is working out. I hope you can excuse us when we get uptight, sometimes it is warranted.

    I also hope your contractor gets back on his feet. Good luck to you., and ye shall find;..
    So always seek the Truth, not just what you want to believe to be true…
    Ecclesiastes 10:2 NIV

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    I think you need to re-read my post.. If not, then go ahead and sell HVAC systems to other HVAC installers. But we are the people that put food in your kids mouths.

    Good luck

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    "I am not trying to get one 'over' on this poor guy. I paid him 1/2 up front. But when 2 days later he tells me he can't buy the furnace because he is out of coin, then I know that things are tight for him and he used the up front money to buy food/pay bills or whatever and not pay for the equipment. So I am doing both him and me a favor by going to the supply house with him and paying for all the equipment.:"

    I did the exact same thing about three years ago with a HVAC contractor who is a one man crew.
    Wrote him a blank check , he paid the supply house. Delivered the unit and the bill of sale the next day. Installed it. DONE.
    He makes his living working for himself and doesnt always have the the resources available that a big company would have.
    The guy however does outstanding work and keeps plenty busy with mostly word of mouth advertising.
    I dont see anything at all wrong with having a system installed this way.
    No one looses out.

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