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    looking for advice on where to drain condensate water from a 90+ furnace located on a second floor, i was going to gravity drain it along with the a/c condesate to the outside,but im worried about it freezing in the northeast.

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    The way we address that problem is to try not to install 90+ furnaces in attics.Makes a world of problems,have to install heat tape on the trap and get drain down as quickly as possible.When we get to the basement,we either install it into the condensate pump and run the plastic drain from that into a piece of 3/4 plastic,about 2 or 3 ft, at a very steep angle,about 45degree, outside with the 3/8 plastic just into it,so the gravity drains as quickly as possible.Other than that,you could drain it into a provided trap from the house plumbing.

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