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Thread: Tran Evap coil

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    Does anyone know if this 3 ton Trane coil, TXC031S3HPC is a Trane "hi-efficiency coil" or the standard Trane coil.


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    Last I knew Trane considered all of their vaporators high efficiency since you could change the piston size or add an expansion valve. The number you have there is not a 3-ton coil though, it's a 2 1/2 ton wide cabinet coil. I can;t remember the width but the 030 coil is the narrow 2 1/2 ton and the 031 is the wider 2 1/2 ton coil.

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    Their most efficient coil with non bleed TXV. But not 3 ton.

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    There are many equipment matchups with that coil with anything from a 1.5 ton outdoor unit to a 3 ton outdoor unit, depending on the outdoor unit and furnace used, and the desired total, sensable and latent BTUH required for the aplication.

    It would definatly be considdered a high efficiency coil, since it matches up with 2.5 and 3 ton XL19i units.
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    According to the the Trane coil catalog, the only wording difference is the TXC031S3HPC (TXV-Nonbleed) is a "Variable Speed" whereas the TXC031E5HPC (TXV-Bleed)is "High Efficiency".

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    I am having a 2.5 ton XL15i installed soon with an XV90 furnace with variable speed. Is there much difference between the 2 coil selections, latent vs sensible. I am curious whether the larger coil will dehumidify as well as the smaller 030 coil. Is it significant whether it is a non- bleed or bleed type TXV? Is the bleed type easier on the compressor on startup?

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    see for yourself, if these are your exact model numbers.

    ARI #527652


    ARI #527665

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    Thanks for the information everyone.

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