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    I have a 1998 Trane heat pump. American Standard Inc. The Trane Company Tyler tx model no: TWV036B140A0 with a serial number of D11332785. One half HP motor and 3.3fl amps. volts 200-230.
    My question is that when the air is turned on a repetative clicking can be heard comming from the inside exchange box which houses the evaporator core, the blower motor, a transformer for thermostatic control and some buss/relay looking things....this clicking will stop after turning on the air...but periodically returns and it seems to be increasing in occurence.... what can i do.... relay?
    thank you in advance..... David

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    A serial number that starts with D is a 1989 unit not 1998. That noise could be nearly anything, you will need a service tech to come out and diagnose your issue first hand, sometimes intermittent problems are the worse ones to locate.

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    Are you sure the model number starts with TWV and not TWE?

    If it is a TWV, that is a vertical only air handler. It has been a long time since Trane made a vertical only residential air handler, so it has to be much older than 1998.

    As for the clicking noise, it could be several things, get a tech out to look at it.

    Edit: I forgot the compact air handlers, they are vertical only, but that model number isn't even close to the ones they use for the compact units.

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    You stated it's a heatpump. Do you hear the "clicking" when the system is in Cool, or Heat. Tranes are known for a chattering or clicking check valve in the air handler of Heat Pumps, when in the Heat mode.
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