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    Is it very often that a 2 wire hard start assist goes bad. Had a call today and the unit has a 2-wire assist on it and the compressor tries to start as soon as power is on but only tries about 5 seconds. This happens with or without the assist. Just wandering if these go bad or the compressor is just bad. The compressor ohms out good and not shorted to case. Thanks

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    Check for proper voltage, Try a known good one, no luck possible internal compressor problem.

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    Did you check the run capacitor? You could very well have a locked rotor. Seized piston.
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    Also IF the compressor is "stuck" u can try reversing its rotation a few times to try and free it but only reverse it for a few sec (thats if it spins up) to prevent damage.

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    Those 2 wire start assists are absolute garbage, but it does sound like there are other issues.
    Maybe someone stuck that junk start assist on it becauce the compressor locked up at some point, and now is locked up to tight for the start assist to do any good.

    Check the run capacitor to see if it is good.
    I have found many of those pieces of junk start kits that were sold to someone that had a bad run capacitor. The hack installed the start assist, but never changed the run cap. When the start assist dies, the compressor won't start because it still has the bad run cap that origonally caused the problem. I'm not saying thats what the problem is with the system your working on, but it is something I have found a lot.
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