I want to install an AC unit and also would like to change out the old gas furnace for a newer less noisy one. I'm near Seattle (record temps 0 and 100) and the electric rate is 7 cents or so. Funace is in a closet in the center of the house - 2000 sq ft - in the family room. I'm leaning towards one contractor who suggests a 3 ton Trane XR11 AC and a Trane 80k 80% dual stage variable speed furnace. Also I have breathing problems so a new electronic air cleaner (old one is a couple decades old) will be installed with a Honeywell 8000 thermostat so the furnace fan will run the air cleaner periodically through out the day. Does this sound ok. He says a 90% won't pay back soon enough or a higher SEER for that matter. R22 or the new stuff. I'd like to keep the cost down somewhat as I need a hand full of cash to re-insulate the ducts as they are an inch of loosely attached wrap - some of it gone - and no sealing at the joints. Thoughts?