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    FHP Plugged Coax

    I have a customer that has a 3T FHP Open loop discharging into a creek. The water quality is not good. However, their FHP has a plugged coax 100%. I've tried flushing from the leaving to the entering and vise versa. I have also tried blowing it out with nitrogen. I could try using chemical to flush however, I don't have much faith that it will work since I'm not getting any water out at all or nitrogen. Any ideas other than replacing the coax and or unit?

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    I ran open loop for awhile until it clogged. Then I cleaned it out with Muriatic acid and switched to closed loop. Did you try Muriatic acid?

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    Get your post count up and apply for pro memebership and there are some good 'solutions'.

    FWIW, the HCl mentioned is excellent for Ca and Mg deposits......

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