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    I liked your analogy of the furnace car vs car costs, but here's the thing. My 900 sq. foot 2 storey shares a common wall with my side neighbour. ( semi-detached they call them here in Ontario) All sales rep say I don't need a big btu furnace. One guy said in the low 20,000 would be all I need.(No heat loss done) All salesmen recommended their smallest 2 stage variable.And when I asked about single stage they again all recommended their smallest. After reviewing all the quotes I noticed that the single stage furnace outputs were the same or lower than the 2 stage on low fire. So I question the validity of the 2 stage furnace when it appears it would never go to the 2nd stage.
    It seems like they all want to sell me their top of the line most expensive furnace but know in the heart that it's overkill for this small home.
    What do you think airconman and you too baldloonie if you're out there?

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    well my deal is....... if you turn your fan on constant for a whole year. thats cooling heating constant fan hours, you would come up with 8710 constant fan hours. at .07 cents a kilowatt the savings on your electric would be approximately 314 dollars for the year on electric. The variable speed is a comfort deal. Very dependable no matter who has em say that, and you'd like it more. Thats my deal on em. Good luck. Can't tell ya what btu ya need without that load calc. and the dealers ya got can't tell me they can't do one, I don't care if your next to a blast furnace.

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    You can get VS blowers on 40,000 btu furnaces, weather they're 80, or 90% eff.

    Remmember, your the customer, call more contractors, and tell them you want a manual j done, and keep calling till you find one that will do it.
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    How many times must one fix something before it is fixed?

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