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    I am about to purchase a new house with a high efficiency furnace fueled with propane. The vent and fresh air intake pipes are PVC protruding from a side wall to the outside. The vent pipe is about 10 inches long and 15 inches above the ground, sticking straight out from the wall with nothing capping it. The fresh air intake pipe is an elbow with the opening facing the ground. The end, with the opening, is about 10 inches above the ground. My concern is that both ends have nothing on them to prevent critters or debris from entering. Also, what happens when we get a substantial snowfall and theses two things are buried.

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    They should be above the average snow line. I like to put them about 24" above the ground when I can, and still make it look good. They should both come through the wall, 90 degree up then one will 90 right as the other 90 left, then they both 90 again to face straight down. The flue should be about a foot higher than the intake so it doesn't blow intot he intake and caulse frosting and freezing and poor combustion. Most furnaces come with a screen kit to put onto the end of the flue and intake that is basicly a screen to keep out critters.

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    Actually, there is no standard termination configuration for the intake and exhaust pipes.

    Each manufacturer has specific termination requirements. Your best bet is to either locate the; installation manual, installing dealer, equipment distributor, or the OEM.

    That is the only way to be sure. I have seen some very creative terminations that can't be found in any I&O manual. If you suspect the install then research it.

    My particular brand wants the intake 12" above the highest anticipated snow fall.

    Good luck.

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