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Thread: Carrier 23xl

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    Carrier 23xl

    Hi Folks,

    I'm new here and it's my first post. I'm from Brazil and need Help in a Carrier 23XL that i'm working on.

    Actually machine is running but i have a alert message "High condenser pressure". I read some parameters that may help all:

    Evaporator Refrig temp: 11,3c
    Evaporator Pressure: 606,8 Kpa
    Condenser Refrig Temp: 41,6c
    Condenser Pressure: 1490,7Kpa
    Discharge Temp: 56,8c
    Oil Sump Temp: 56,8c

    At Pic II i also have:

    CHW in: 18,3c
    CHW out: 15c
    CDW in: 27c
    CDW out: 34c
    MTR AMP 80%

    So if any one have ideas to help my chiller i would apprechiate a message.

    Thanks in advanced!

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    are your tubes clean and condenser water flow correct?

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    Your Condenser approach

    I would be looking at dirty or blocked tubes as your condenser approach is almost 14*F (8*C) . How many pass is your condenser, you may be by-passing water through a division plate. Just a few ideas -GEO
    Once in a while everything falls into place and I am able to move forward, most of the time it just falls all over the place and I can't go anywhere-GEO

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