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    I am looking at an old carrier evap coil M#28RD030000 S#V811264.
    Would any one happen to have info on what tonnage this coil is?

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    Looking at your model number shows me that your evaporator coil is a 2.5 ton.....Rule of thumb I USE when looking at model numbers to determine size is....looking at the first three numbers after a letter.....012= 1ton 018= 1.5ton
    024= 2ton 030= 2.5ton 036= 3ton and so on... also remember to divide those first three numbers by twelve to get your tonnage.

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    That only means that that coil was capable of being matched with a 2.5 ton unit in the year it was manufactured. That does not at all mean it is properly sized for a unit manufactured today.

    Indoor coils don't really have a capacity. The capacity of a system is determined by the condenser/heat pump.
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    Thanks for the Rule of thumb herb c, I will remember that.

    Robo,you mean to say that a 2.5 ton condenser manufactured today will not go with this evaporator?

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