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    [QUOTE]Originally posted by dec
    [B][QUOTE]Originally posted by R12rules
    [B]Dan, with your ideas .... you could be the honest version of Comfort Systems USA or George Brazil.

    r12....would be interested to know what you mean as far as comfort Systems USA or George Brazil ( honest version) ????
    I take it they started out and became a consolidater

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    danny x Guest
    In speaking with people across the country there is a universal dilemma. The shortage of qualified man power. Why is that? There is more than a TON of work out there.

    Being what I call a “glorified service technician”, I run my own business; however I am still out in the trenches every day, eight days a week, 25 hours a day. For me, this is no longer about being a SUPER service technician, or making enough money to buy all the toys in life. It has been about trying to develop a company, which men want to work at. A company that attracts the best of the best. A company that can pass down the necessary knowledge to an apprentice to become a competent service technician or refine a mechanics skill set. To help the people who love this field enjoy coming to work every day.

    Now back to reality. You work for a pay check, or should I say you work to live, not live to work. You should be compensated for your time, expertise, and mechanical ability. If you can pull your weight, there is no reason you should not be able to achieve your financial goals, without feeling like you have gotten beat up every day, or your out there all alone with no support. For example, it’s five p.m., you were changing out a condensing unit and it ran longer that you estimated, call the office and ask for help to get out of there sooner. Seems reasonable, but if your scheduled to get off at five and another member of the team ran into trouble you should be prepared to bail him out as well, you should want to bail him out and get him out of there faster, I feel that is the difference between a team, or just a bunch of men working for some company stabbing each other in the back to get ahead.

    What if instead of an employee making X amount an hour, you were more of a partner of sorts? Would you want all star players on your team? Would you help your peers become better at their job? Would you want them to be happy and productive? Remember it is all relative. A stronger company, a more professional company, a better trained company, a more responsive company, is a company that can charge MORE money; which means MORE money for YOU.

    Speaking for myself, I could not find this working for someone, and had lost my motivation. Which lead me to open my own company. I did however start at the same place we all did, as a helper carrying a B tank or a technicians gauges.

    Anyhow, I don’t have all the answers just yet to make it happen. It sounds like a great idea in my head, but without the right guys or system it’s just that, an idea.

    Reason I had posted originally was because of how impressed I was with the wealth of knowledge right here on HVAC-Talk. Although most of you are located outside of NY, I had wondered what it would take to get you to move.

    My company is not where I need it to be to properly support the right people, but I am getting closer every day. I am learning every day. Who knows, maybe someone reading this will one day be on that imaginary team. There are other companies out there doing it, there is no reason why we can’t as well.

    If your out there and feel I am not completely out of my mind, or maybe have some ideas to help me get this done, you can shoot me an email. I have been busy (naturally) however will respond as soon as possible.


    edit: I selected to display email address, however it did not show. I set my homepage in my profile as my email addy

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    Hi Dan...I think they want you to put your e-mail in your profile and not in the open.

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