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    Remember the days of the halide torch anyone??????
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    Originally posted by countryhick
    Remember the days of the halide torch anyone??????
    Of course. Great Phosgene producer. H-10 is the only way to go. Bought my first one in 1966. Has not changed much. Sometimes a little oversensitive. But it is the oldest one on the market that I know of. The worst one I ever had was a tiff. I have had most of them. The ultra sonic has its place. But when all else fails the H-10 will get er done.
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    Foud one today in a condensor with the dtek that the ulrasonic and the bubbles missed. Just no way that one method is gonna be enough.

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    halide torch....pertty green flame. if i looked around the shop long enough i could probably find one. along with a bunch of other outdated test equip.

    probably why shop is so full......... i think i need a dumpster.

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