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    Heat pump lines vibrating, thrumming noise. Any easy fixes?


    Hoping some pro's might be able to share any tips or tricks that might help reduce lineset vibration and thrumming noise of a heat pump. I've got the lines going into a chase under the slab of a single story home and I can hear a really annoying thrumming in areas of the house. There's also quite a vibration on the lines at the AHU resonating all the way from the condensor. I found if I just hold the larger line in my hand as it exits the outside condensor it dampens things and reduces the vibration and thrumming in the lineset by about half. Not sure what I'd use for permanent version of that type of "fix" but would be interested in hearing any suggestions the pro's might have which a basic homeowner like myself could try.



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    Call a pro to look over it things just don't vibrate like that from my experience, something is either loose or wrong.......
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