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Thread: What seer?

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    I have a Ruud Air Handler,I was wondering what seer rating it is..How can you tell by the model number?
    Model # UBHC21J18SHG and serial#TH3304021170 coil#RCHA-48A1

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    3.5 ton coil with txv.

    Seer depends on what ou you tie it to.

    Go here and look it up:

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    Whar seer?

    I have the 4 ton Ruud Air Handler w/txv with a Trane 12XB
    Condenser...Before I had a 26 yr/old GE 4 ton Air Handler and a 26 yr/old 3.5 ton Whirlpool Condenser...

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    There is no SEER rating for that system. Its a mismatched mutt. Good luck with it.

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