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    I live in East Texas and preparing a new additions. I want to move my current outdoor compressors my plan is use 2" pvc as a chase. the lenth of the chase is 40'

    My question, with that kind of a run will the copper tubing need tobe larger? currently they are 3/4 "

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    without knowing the tonage and make and without knowing the present lenght of piping, I will guess and say 7/8".
    I hope you hire a contractor...this sounds like a DIY question...

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    I also hope he uses something larger than 2"!!!

    40' chase...I wouldn't want to have to pull that copper!

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    Use ACR copper. It will feed easier when insulated and you can attach the liquid line too.

    He should know the answer to that question if he is truly experianced. If not he needs to seak the advise of the manufacture.

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