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    Commercial Hot Water boiler leak

    noticed slow seeping leak that is showing up at floor level at the mid section on both sides of a 16 section hot water boiler (boiler is about 10 yrs old; not chemical water treatment).

    seems to be a slow leak

    question - what is causing it? will it get worse and

    can anything be done mid way thru winter or just live with it till end of heating season?

    how serious to repair?

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    If it is a Cast Iron Sectional Boiler, the rubber seal most likely needs to be replaced between the sections. This would be a big job but needs to be done ASAP. You should shut down the boiler right away and call a boiler repair company.

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    Had a school with a leaking boiler section in the middle of a 16 section boiler. Installed a I beam above boiler with a dolly and chain hoist to move each section down enough to replace the gaskets in between this was a peerless boiler and it used carbon gaskets and they are expensive . From experince ispect the leaking section very carefully I had to tear this boiler down a second time to replace the section that was leaking because of a hairline crack it wasent the gaskets.

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    Who said it was a leaking section?

    Get a contractor out to identify where the leak is coming from. I can't tell you how many times, I get the call for a school with a leaking section. And something completely different causing the water.

    Here's just one example-

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    i have a burnham with some powerflame gas burners on it. leaking the middle section. these r the older style burnhams before they switch to american boiler.

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