the change out was permitted but they went to the city and not the county so it was voided. I am still waiting for the permit and inspection from the county. I inspected it myself and already told the company what would not pass. (incorrect amp for breakers, knock out hole taped over) They sent a man out to correct this but he fixed only one unit. I still have a 3 ton rated for 40 amp using a 60 amp breaker and they did not replace the 25 year old liquidtight from the roof to the disconnect which is cracked and exposed. ( 5 feet max )

This leads me to a second issue, I now have my low voltage thermostat wire spliced together inside a line voltage disconnect. I can not find a rating on this wire. I know it can run in the same chase but now it is stripped and wire nutted to extend its length. I phoned the county and they said no to the splicing because the wire is not rated to the higher voltage once the outer sheathing is removed.

I feel anger and disgusted when i see how sloppy the job is. I hired a licensed contractor and paid a premium in price. I think most of the reviews on the net for the company must be false and written by them.. Another lesson learned.