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    Quote Originally Posted by Space Racer View Post
    Put It In Perspective

    People also need to put the terrorism threat into realistic perspective. Globally, the average international death rate from road accidents is about 390 times that from international terrorism. In 2001, U.S. road crash deaths were equal to those from a September 11 attack every 26 days. More than 400,000 Americans are killed each year by smoking cigarettes -- hundreds of thousands more than terrorism causes, but millions more dollars are being pumped into trying to stop terrorism than into addressing these other well-known factors that kill hundreds of thousands more Americans with greater regularity. Policymakers should pay attention to such comparisons when allocating resources to public safety, and the public needs to take a deep breath and face the reality of such comparisons. Terrorism is a small threat compared to the massive amount of resources being thrown at the perceived problem.

    Additionally, out the most notorious post-911 attempted airplane bombings in recent years -- the "Shoe Bomber," the Christmas Day "Underpants Bomber" and more the recent mailed cargo packages -- none were intercepted by TSA. They were all stopped by other means, including alert airline passengers.

    The government is in an irrational panic mode when it comes to airline travel. Millions of innocent travelers are now effectively considered guilty until proven innocent. TSA's invasive screening procedures are bringing home to people to just how much freedom they have been forced to give up in response to the actions of a few terrorists.
    There's no governmental panic involved, its all about conditioning the population. Pretty soon we will just bend over for the cavity search without even being asked. Its the oldest trick in the book, give up your rights for security. The international banking cartel wants a sea of yes man's to rape, pillage and plunder. They want the second amendment so bad they can taste it, the Obama administration just got caught in a false flag attack against the second amendment by shipping weapons to the drug cartels in mexico to create more violence and instability, "you don't like all gun violence? well let us take them away so you and your family are safe" No one seems to care about this though, the media makes sure that we know what the kardashians are up to... Look it up, OPERATION FAST AND FURIOUS

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    7 Reasons the TSA Sucks (A Security Expert's Perspective)

    For a bunch of people in snappy uniforms patting down crotches, the TSA is remarkably unpopular. Nobody likes going through security at the airport, but you probably figured most of it had a point. All those hours spent in line with other shoeless travelers are a necessary precursor to safe flying. It's annoying, but at least it wards off terrorism.

    That's all [BS]. The TSA couldn't protect you from a 6-year-old with a water balloon. What are my qualifications for saying that? My name is Rafi Sela, and I was the head of security for the world's safest airport. Here's what your country does wrong.
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    My mom just recently retired from TSA, and from the stories I've heard they are a complete joke on the inside along with what we see as the end user.

    What really pisses me off about them is they are always reactive instead of proactive. One idiot puts a bomb in his shoe, now I have to take my shoes off....couldn't have seen that one coming right??

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    There is so much inconsistency between TSA people as well.

    Does anybody else ever notice that one airport will always empty out your carry on bag, and check every single thing. Whereas another airport will just run it through the scanner and not even open it.

    One airport will confiscate your toothpaste, but another one won't.

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    I got flagged because of a pill bottle filled up with quarters at one airport...... had those folks surrounding me till they found out it was just a pill bottle filled to the brim with quarters.

    Nobody else at two other airports or on the return flight even noticed it on the scanner.
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    The TSA's 12 Banned Items of Christmas


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    Quote Originally Posted by BACnet View Post
    Let's hope they eventually strike like the Air Traffic Controllers did back in 80. (Or was it 81?).

    Then we can fire them all at once.
    Different president, different outcome.
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