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    Had my evaporator coil replaced today. It sprung a leak on the last day of the cooling season last year. I don't know how much compressor oil was lost but I would guess there was 1/3 to 1/2 cup in the coil drain pan. I asked the tech if he was going to add some oil with the refrigerant and he said absolutely not because there was not any way to judge how much he should add. He said if he added too much the compressor would fail almost immediately. If there is too little, the compressor would eventually fail but I would at least get another season or two out of it. But probably there was enough oil left in the compressor that all would be well.

    Does this sound right?

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    A little bit of oil goes a long way. You may have lost only two or three tablespoons (that would appear to be a lot of oil). Your tech is right, there is no way to tell how much was lost how much to put back.

    Keep an ear on the comp, if it seems to be noisier than normal, the tech can come back and put in a little oil. If this system is 10 years or older I wouldn't put anymore money in the system and replace it when it breaks again.
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    Thanks k for taking time to respond...I feel much better.

    It is interesting to note difference in pricing between two HVAC contractors. First wanted $1800 to replace evap coil. I asked him if he would install new drier and he wasn't sure what that was. This from one of the biggest, most reputable contractors in our area. Second contractor said job would cost $750 and suggested, before I could ask, that job would include a filter/drier in the vapor line. Both quotes were based on installing a brand new, uncased OEM coil. I haven't had to operate the system yet, but the second contractor's work looks very good and he did exactly what he said he would do. Guess it just shows you need to get more than one estimate.

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