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    From what I was taught it's not condenstaion that's the problem, it's blower death you need to worry about. It is more dificult for the blower of a furnace to pull through a coil rather than push, by design the furnace is designed to push through the coil, so install it that way. Maybe my information is just someone else's opinion, but I still agree with the outcome, using equipment in the application it was intended for.

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    Originally posted by corny
    Ive always been taught that humidifiers on returns of gas furnaces were bad too....but I see them all the time around here...steam type humidifiers on returns....
    One major difference here, the heat is running while the humidifier is on, so the moisture is being evaporated. It's not condensing on the heat exchanger and just sitting there the whole heating season.

    And the air is relatively dry or the humidifier wouldn't be running.

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