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    Are there climatemaster reps here like I've seen for WF?

    Just curious if any climate master reps poke around commenting on their cutomers experience? I saw an interesting post for a WF customer who was unhappy with his utility bills so the WF rep offered some assitance with calculating what his bills should be vs. what they actually are.

    I'm happy with my climatemaster but I've been unhappy with their customer service when I have called them, and I've not been able to talk to contractor at the company who installed my unit, just the techs who don't really understand the performance and economics of geothermal.

    Anyway, I doubt if they bother to poke around here and assist their customers. I could be wrong but was just thinking it would be interesting to know if mine is operating as efficiently as it could. Like I said I am happy with it and happy with the bills as compared to other folks in the area but is it as efficient as it should be?

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    Wow! Really? I never have trouble with Climate Master reps. Matter of fact I talk to them so much I am thinking about inviting them to my birthday party.

    I can't tell you how many hours I have had one on the phone going over the MPC software.
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