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    Refrigerant Recovery Franchise

    Hi All,

    Has anyone out there know of a franchise called Rapid Recovery.
    They are a high-speed EPA compliant refrigerant abatement company that provides refrigerant abatement services for the HVAC, refrigeration, demolition, and marine industries.

    I'm thinking of possible purchasing a franchise..Any input would be appreciated..
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    They come by here and suck out our 50# jugs when I get a few filled up. Not sure how they are to be a franchisee. The owner of this joint is very nice and knows his stuff. I can ask if he'd mind you contacting him if you are serious.

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    We used the local franchise last year to recover 3 racks from a closed store. If memory serves they were not cheap and were done in a few hours. I remember thinking when i saw their bill that i was in the wrong business. It is probably worth looking into.

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    I "think" they do well. You pay them to take your refrigerant and they might get paid by another company for that refrigerant

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