I'm buying a house that needs the HVAC replaced, so I've been suddenly thrust into this whole process of trying to select what to buy. One of the things I'd be most interested in seeing is a table or chart showing the repair history of all the brands (or at least the major ones), but I haven't had any luck. Is there anywhere I can find this?

I'm in Texas, so I'm mostly concerned with the A/C and am thinking about a fairly high SEER model (probably around a 14, 15, or 16). Good heat is important as well since we do get some 'cold spells', but I'll definitely be sticking with an 80% furnace. Since I have bad allergies, I want to add a whole-house air filter and a variable-speed blower so I can have it circulating all the time.

The brands I'm currently considering are: Bryant, Carrier, Lennox, and Trane.

Any help, suggestions, or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.